Color Guide - Choose, Match and Wear Hue That Compliments Your Personality

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With a variety of clothing options in the market picking an attire that suits your personality is no more a difficult job. In winters too, there’s a lot of options that you can mix match to shine out from day to night effortlessly. In short, this is no more a time when you have to sacrifice your sense of style due to extremely cold weather.

But there’s still one thing that can make you look dull and unappealing, that is your choice of colors. No matter how expensive or branded dresses you choose, if you are picking the wrong color or tone, it is just a waste. Hence, selecting a color is a tricky concept.

Here in this article today, we will discuss the color palette and give you some tips on selecting and wearing colors that compliment your skin, hair and eye color.

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Let’s start with the basics of selecting color:

Skin Tone

Kick the idea of buying extraneous beauty products, instead, pick clothes in colors that compliment your skin tone.  You can ease your color picking task by remembering the simple rule, that is - cold colors will suit you if you have little paler skin tone whereas warm colors compliment tanned and beautiful dusky skin. However, Black and white are favourites for every skin tone. 

Also, if you want to accessorize your dress with metallic jewelry, Gold, and silver match well with fair skin tone and copper match perfectly with a dark complexion.

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Body Type

If you are shy of your physique and fear trying different dresses due to overweight or if you’re that too skinny body type, here's a trick!

If you broadly build and overweight, you can try dark colors. It will make you look slimmer and taller. Alternatively, give lighter shades a try if you are skinny.  Colors are the wonderful options to create a visual illusion by hiding your problem areas.

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Time, season and occasion play an important role in selecting a color. Though fashion has no rules and boundaries, this is good to try and test styling guidelines while making choice.

Always select the color that soothes the eye, whether its winter or summer. In the sweltering days of summer, you can kill your looks by choosing silver, copper, dark, bright shades. White, pastel shades, blue and green are some shades best for summers.

Whereas,  warm colors like rust, red, yellow, brown and orange are ideal for winters.

So whether you’re buying a knitted long cardigan, slim fit blazer or oversized knitted cashmere poncho, select the color that adds a touch of femininity to your bundled-up look in winters. 

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